Are you living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? Do you have a problem with hair fall? In that case, you are probably looking for hair transplant or cosmetic surgery clinics in Riyadh to treat your baldness problem. Hair Implantations are by far the most popular, and arguably the best solution to tackle this disorder (just like glutathione injections are the most popular and effective solution in skin whitening).

And even within Hair Transplants, FUE Hair Transplants are much more effective and long-lasting compared to other forms.

FUE stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction”. In this procedure, your hair follicles (the chunk of cells in your skin that grow hair) are extracted from other parts of your skin and transplanted to bald spots on your scalp.

This sensitive process requires extreme skill. Only highly qualified surgeons at modern well-equipped clinics can perform this procedure. It can create serious problems for the patient if something goes wrong.

FUE hair transplant procedure

This is why it is very important you choose the right clinic for your next FUE Hair Transplant in Riyadh. So we decided to help you out with that research and decided to compile a list of the 5 best clinics in Riyadh to get your next FUE transplant.

Where to get FUE Hair Transplant in Riyadh?

1. Tajmeeli

It is one of the most famous cosmetic surgery clinics in Riyad. They offer various other dermatology services such as mole removal, chemical peels, and different treatments for hair loss. They also offer FUE Hair Transplants, and with their quality of surgeons and treatments, they are a very good and trustable place to get your next hair transplant.

2. Enfield Royal Saudia

Enfield Royal Clinics are a global brand with clinics in countries ranging from Pakistan, the UAE, the UK to even Australia. Their surgeons have decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. They offer a wide range of Hair Transplants and many other aesthetic procedures. Enfield Royal Saudia is soon opening in Riyadh and will become a great option for getting your next FUE Hair Transplant in Riyadh.

3. Kaya Skin Clinic

Just like Enfield Royal Clinics, Kaya Skin Clinics are also available in multiple countries (KSA, UAE, and Oman). They are a reputable aesthetic clinic in Riyadh and offer a wide range of skin and hair treatments for both men and women.

4. Dr. Shadi Zari

Dr. Shadi Zari has a high-quality clinic in Riyadh that specializes in men’s hair transplant treatments. His clinic, equipment, and treatments are all state of the art and are a very decent option for anyone looking to get an FUE Hair Transplant in Riyadh.

5. Turkeyana

Turkeyana is a Turkish beauty clinics brand that has branches in multiple big international cities including Riyadh. Surgeons at Turkeyana are very experienced and skilled at hair transplants as well. They are another good choice you should consider.

Riyadh is a big city now with a large multinational population. That is why it has some very good clinics when it comes to aesthetic procedures like hair transplants. But sometimes there can be too many options and it can get a bit hard to find the right one for you. We hope this article will help you make a more informed choice.

Hair Transplants are sensitive medical procedures. They can, at times, have undesirable side effects. You should thoroughly research the procedure and read multiple patient reviews for each clinic before making a final decision.

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