Want to get home safely? Follow these 5 valuable tips for accident-free motorcycle riding. As long as another reckless driver doesn’t get in your way, you’ll ensure your own safety.

Motorcycle accidents in the United States have their reserved share on the annual accident statistics chart – and it’s on the rise! Which means more prevention and better motorcycle riding practices to minimize the risk of an accident.

For example, in Los Angeles, the numbers are clear: in 2021, there were 294 motor vehicle accident fatalities, and another 1,465 people were seriously injured.

With such high accident figures, is it necessary to ride your motorcycle with extra caution? Of course, it is.

Before we continue with a couple of tips for safe motorcycle riding, let’s take a look at the most common motorcycle accident injuries.

Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The consequences of being involved in a motorcycle accident are reflected in the seriousness of the injuries sustained. Thus, the most common injuries are:

  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis.
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Back injuries
  • Injuries to extremities (legs, arms)
  • Lacerations and fractures

Depending on the severity, recovery from a motorcycle accident injury can range from 30 days to 1 to 2 years.

In catastrophic motorcycle accident injuries such as spinal cord injury paralysis or severe traumatic brain injury, the injuries are lifelong and involve very expensive care and treatment. A very high cost that is impossible to finance by the family of the injured person.

It is very obvious; in an automobile accident the motorcycle driver always bears the brunt of the accident because he/she does not have the metal protection of a car or truck. First, the impact with the other vehicle; followed by the impact with the pavement or other elements around the accident, be it a pole, tree, or any other object.

Motorcycle accidents and adrenaline

Riding a motorcycle causes high doses of adrenaline in your body. Right after a motorcycle accident, the pain may be hidden or dulled. Don’t get overconfident! Even if you don’t feel hurt, go to the doctor for a thorough examination of your injuries, especially internal injuries that are not visible and have no symptoms.

Now, let’s take a look at the two main tips for accident-free motorcycle riding.

2 key tips for accident-free motorcycle riding

Two factors stand out among the main causes of motorcycle accidents: speeding and drunk driving. With that said, you can imagine what the top two tips for accident-free motorcycle riding are:

  1. Don’t exceed the speed limit. Yes, it is true, sometimes the adrenaline, the thrill, the adventure, leads motorcycle riders to experience high speeds, but remember that speeding accounts for 28% of fatal accidents in California.
  2. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Drunk driving accounts for 27% of fatal crashes in California. So, don’t drive a motorcycle if you’ve had even one beer.

As you can see, with these two accident-free riding tips alone, you are minimizing your risk by 55%.

The remaining 45% is distributed among other causes of motor vehicle accidents.

3 additional tips for riding a motorcycle and avoiding accidents

In addition to speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, there are other causes that contribute to 45% of motor vehicle accidents. Follow these 3 tips for riding a motorcycle and getting home safely daily.

  1. Don’t make dangerous maneuvers with your motorcycle. Yes, we all go on a rush at some point for work or college, but that has cost many people their lives because of lane splitting. Also, do not attempt to pass vehicles on the right, nor overtake on curves.
  2. Perform constant maintenance, especially on the brake system. Many motorcycle accidents are due to lack of maintenance. Along with this, learn to brake correctly. Hard braking will cause your motorcycle to slide out of control.
  3. Respect traffic regulations. If you obtained your driver’s license, it is because you have successfully completed the course. So, put it into practice. Make stops, do not make forbidden crossings, do not run red lights, and slow down before entering or exiting a highway ramp, among other rules.

What about other drivers?

Yes, it is also true that no matter how careful we are, there are always negligent drivers who cause accidents wherever they go. They leave their personal mark. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t follow some simple motorcycle driving tips that will prevent an accident caused by you.

One last tip for accident-free motorcycle riding is to always ride defensively. What does this mean? Ride with the mindset that other drivers are unaware of your presence on the road. Riding your motorcycle defensively will allow you to anticipate other drivers’ mistakes and avoid a tragic accident. As a result, you will avoid having to hire a car accident lawyer.

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