Which of the two options—clear aligners or traditional metal braces—would you choose if you could straighten your teeth as you wanted? If you said clear aligners, you’re not alone. Over the past few decades, clear aligners have been an increasingly popular alternative for correcting misaligned teeth. To assist you in making the best choice, dentists provide solutions to all of these worries. 

While receiving this treatment, it’s crucial to maintain your personal preferences and tastes. Discover which dental aligners might be ideal for your orthodontic treatment by reading on. Since then, several brands of Clear Teeth Aligners have entered the marketplace.

Where can you buy aligners?

That helps you save money; GMeds is the only online store to provide both basic and advanced invisible teeth aligners. If you need one month or five months of treatment, the other online providers of Aligners will charge you the same flat rate. You can get by with just one to four Upper or Lower Aligners if that’s all the alignment work you require. Intermediate Alignment can be purchased for anywhere from one week to five months.

Pricing of aligners:

Direct Savings:

Working with us directly reduces the cost of Invisible Aligners by over 70%. You can have a great grin without breaking the bank!

  •         49,000 Or 3999 Easy Monthly Installments
  •         For minor misalignment or spacing, it’s ideal.
  •         Up to ten aligners, with an average treatment length of six months.
  •         In other words, you’ll only need to make one trip to the doctor’s office.

Superior Body Language.

Our clear teeth aligners price does more than straighten your teeth; they also address any underlying bite problems. Using IPR and Attachments, we can treat even the most difficult instances.


Highly Developed Motifs.

Additionally, to straighten your teeth, our advanced aligners will also fix any biting problems. With the help of IPR and Attachments, we can treat even the most difficult instances.

Complex Cases

  •         69k, or 3999 simple EMI per month!
  •         Concerns that are somewhat complex to very complicated. Improves dental posture.
  •         There is a 12-month average when using up to 20 aligners.
  •         IPR and Appendices for Optimal Efficiency.

A Guaranteed Laugh or Smile:

Once you’re a part of the GMedz family, happiness is guaranteed for the rest of your days. We will pay for fresh sets of aligners if you need them at any stage throughout treatment because we know that sometimes invisible Aligners for Teeth need a little more attention.

Why GMedz’ version is superior:

Of course, not everyone is born with picture-perfect pearly whites. Many people have trouble smiling and showing off their pearly whites because of dental issues such as crooked teeth, widely spaced teeth, or malocclusion. Ten years ago, when most of us wore braces to correct crooked teeth, we were too embarrassed to show them off. But modern orthodontic treatments have been taken to a new level, and clear aligners/invisible braces are utilized for straightening teeth in a painless and convenient approach.

Clear Aligners are used to straighten teeth instead of traditional metal braces; they are a set of translucent trays composed of medically tested safe plastic (BPA-free plastic). They employ a mild and just-right amount of pressure to shift the teeth into place without the inconvenience of metal wires and brackets. Each set is made individually, considering the patient’s unique tooth configuration and aesthetic goals.


Your preferences and the results you want to achieve will determine which tooth straighteners you select. However, before you make a choice, you must rely on your dentist’s advice. You will choose wisely if you take into account the aforementioned elements as well as the advice of your attending dentist. It will take longer if your bite is wrong, or your teeth are uneven or widely spread.


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