Laravel is beloved by business owners and developers alike.

Laravel is beloved by developers and entrepreneurs alike, and it enjoys an extensive community of patrons. But why?

Laravel is extremely simple to use. Laravel allows developers to create complex projects faster and easier with Laravel. Laravel offers business owners a speedy development process that is greatly appreciated. It allows them to launch their business quickly while keeping the costs of website development down.

Laravel provides pre-written codes for building secure, elegant, fast, and responsive websites. It’s easy to see why Laravel is so beloved by both developers and entrepreneurs.

Laravel is a powerful and versatile tool. Check out our detailed blog post about Why Laravel is so awesome.

Laravel development cost – hiring models

You can reduce the cost of developing your website with Laravel if you choose the appropriate hiring model. Three types of hires are used by most companies to hire Laravel developer developers. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. I will now let you know which ones are best for you in order to make an informed choice.


1. Companies looking for employees

Many agencies are able to provide Laravel developers for you by hiring them on their behalf. You will be charged a fee to these agencies for any work they do.

2. Freelancer platforms

Upwork and Fiverr are great places to find Laravel freelance developers. Hiring freelancers can be cheaper than hiring them in-house. Their unreliability is the problem with freelancers.

3. Out staffing model

Out staffing can be defined as the hiring of remote Laravel programmers. Laravel developers are available from many Laravel Development such as ours. Remote developers are a great option because you can begin your project immediately and have a project manager oversee it to ensure that you get the desired output.

How much does it average to hire Laravel developers for their services?


The cost of hiring a remote Laravel programmer depends on their experience level and where they are from. You can hire someone in India for $15 an hour. You will have to pay $30-$40 an hour for a developer who has the same experience as you if he is hired from the USA.


Is it better to hire a freelance Laravel programmer or a Laravel development agency instead?

You can determine the cost, quality, and length of your Laravel project by how you hire them. Small companies and startups tend to choose to either hire freelancers or go with an agency. These two options are different, so it is important that you understand their pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Freelance developers


  1. Agents are slightly more expensive
  2. Can complete any task
  3. Work from anywhere, anytime
  4. Experience and scope limited
  5. Because of cost, you may not have all the required software and hardware.
  6. Reliance on one person for the whole project.

Web development agency


You can also hire developers to offer you a better viewpoint.

You have access to the latest software and tools

Independent contractors are less reliable in terms of availability and dependability.

Development costs slightly more

Agencies may also have other clients

Which is superior? As a web development agency that can offer better quality and lower costs for your Laravel projects, I recommend it.

Is offshore Laravel website development a good idea

For small and medium-sized businesses, remote developers are becoming a top choice. Why? Because it combines the best of both in-house and freelance hiring. Here are some countries that are best for hiring remote developers:

  1. India
  2. Philippines
  3. Ukraine
  4. Slovenia
  5. Germany

Outsourcing Laravel developers are the best choice if your goal is to have a reliable team of developers that works at a similar cost as freelancers. However, there are some advantages to this option. You can greatly reduce these drawbacks by choosing a reliable Laravel agency.

  1. Time difference
  2. Unable to view daily progress
  3. Communication problems
  4. Transparency lacking

Cost determinants of project scope


Beyond the expertise of the developers you hire, and the country where they are located, the scope is another important factor that will impact the cost of development. The scope of the project will determine its size and complexity. It will cost more to develop a larger or more complex project.

You can still reduce development costs by choosing free frameworks like Django, Laravel, and Django. To build your project. These frameworks contain pre-written code libraries, which you can reuse without needing to write new codes. This saves you time, and therefore, your money.

Cost dependence on the developer’s location

Laravel’s cost depends on where the developers live. Pay rates vary between countries. Some countries offer better pay, while others have more experience and are less expensive. Check out this Laravel developer’s country-wise pay scale.

Laravel Developer Country-wise Pay Scale

  • Bangladesh $4K/year / Rs360K BDT/year
  • Canada $53K/year/C$68K/year
  • Egypt 4K/year or EPS 61K/year
  • Germany $53K/year OR EUR45K/year
  • India Rs403K/year
  • Indonesia: $2K/year or Rs 60m/year
  • Italy 31K/year or EUR26K/year
  • Malaysia – $5K/year, RM 42K/year
  • Netherlands $49K/year OR EUR42K/year
  • New Zealand: $56K/year/NZ$79K/year
  • Pakistan $4K/year / Rs 720K/year
  • Philippines $6K/year/or PHP313K/year
  • Portugal $18K/year/or EUR15K/year
  • Russia: $13K/year/960KR/year
  • Singapore $33K/year/S$45K/year
  • South Africa $23K/year/R346K/year
  • Spain $28K/year/or EUR24K/year
  • Sri Lanka $5K/year / 1m LKR/year
  • UK 41K/year or P30K/year

Cost dependence on developer skills and experience


It’s a fact of life that the developer with the most experience will charge more per hour. Experiential developers may also be more skilled and can complete the project faster. It can be more cost-effective to find experienced developers who are not as expensive as their counterparts.

Different companies may have different metrics, but developers usually fall into one of three categories: Junior or Middle. Here are the price variations for each of these categories depending on where you live.

How do you hire a Laravel Developer?


Are you curious about how to hire Laravel developers? This guide will help you to find the best Laravel developers for the job and ensure that you get the desired results.

1. Evaluate whether Laravel is required for your project.

Laravel can be used to build both small and large websites. It is best to make sure that it can deliver the results you want. To assist you in this endeavor, call our Laravel experts. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and provide a complimentary consultation.

2. Make a plan for your website

Once you have determined that Laravel is the right platform for you, you can start to make a plan. Determine the specific requirements for your project. It should include deadlines and any other expectations you have from your Laravel team. This will allow you to communicate more clearly.

3. Decide on your budget

A small budget means that you can’t hire an internal team. So, freelancers are better than hiring an in-house team. To get reliable results, I recommend you hire remote developers from an agency to replace freelancers. You’ll get better results for a lesser price.

4. Investigate potential Laravel agencies

Now that you have decided to look for remote Laravel programmers, it is time to search for a Laravel agency with a strong track record. I recommend that the agency has at least five years of experience in this industry. You can see their portfolio to better understand them.

5. Interviewers

Once you have located a trusted Laravel agency, you must filter out Laravel developers with the ability to deliver on time. Interview them and give them a test task. This will allow you to pick the best team of remote Laravel programmers.

6. Set goals for your Laravel Team

You have now selected your team for Laravel. Now you need to assign milestones, so they reach the deadline. This means that your project should be divided into subtasks. Once you have reviewed and approved the work, you can approve them. This can be done with the assistance of your agency.

7. Examine the performance and efficiency of your Laravel web development team

Ok, now that you have given the task to your team. The next step is to assign the task to your team. To check their progress, meet with your team once they have reached this milestone. To ensure that the milestone is reached, meet with your team and check the progress.

Acquaint Softtech – Laravel project costs

Acquaint SoftTech Private Limited boasts 9+ years of experience in developing projects on behalf of clients from around the globe. Our Laravel developers work remotely, reducing your development costs by as much as 60%, and maintaining high quality. Remote Laravel developers are charged just $15 an hour. You can see our pricing calculator for a better understanding of the amount of money we save you.

We also offer developers from other technologies as well as Laravel. Click here to hire remote developers.


You will now know how much it will cost you to hire Laravel engineers for your project. You should hire remote developers with an agency like ours. Laravel developers that you hire from us can help you save up to 60% while maintaining high quality and precision. Talk to us today about your project.


1. Is Laravel important in 2023?

Yes! Laravel has been updated regularly to keep it relevant. It allows you to create websites and web applications that are up to date with modern standards.

2. Should out-staffing companies be considered for hiring developers?

In exchange for a commission, out-staffing companies that provide fast access can help you get access to a wide range of talent. You will have to pay a developer you have hired in-house more than you would for remote or freelance developers.

3. What skills must I seek in my Laravel developer to be successful?

He should be able and able to write clean, well-documented software.

  1. PHP development
  2. Database management
  3. MVC architecture
  4. Good communication

4. Where can you hire Laravel developers the most?

India is the best option if you want to pool the cost-effectiveness as well as the quality of your project. Remote Laravel developers can be hired starting at $15 an hour.

5. How much is it to hire a Laravel programmer?

The following factors influence the cost for a Laravel developer:

  1. The country from where you will be hiring
  2. His knowledge
  3. The complexity of the project

For $15 an hour, you can hire a Laravel development team from India.

6. How does one hire a remote Laravel programmer?

  1. Locate a reliable Laravel company for the development
  2. You can give a test to the developers
  3. Pick your team
  4. Mark milestones
  5. Start your project
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