marketingXMWZwIoMarketing is an activity that involves the promotion of products or services through various marketing channels. It includes advertising, public relations and publicity, direct marketing, sales promotion and personal selling. There are four types of marketing:

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is a form of advertising that is targeted at specific consumers. It’s also known as direct response marketing, and it can be used to reach individuals or groups of people who are interested in your product or service.

Direct mail, email campaigns and social media posts are examples of direct marketing techniques that have been around for centuries. The Internet has changed things up quite a bit since then though—and so, too, have the tools available for businesses looking to get their message out there through this medium.

Sales promotion

Sales promotion is the use of a temporary incentive, such as a discount or rebate, to increase sales of a product. It can be in the form of a coupon, prize, contest, or other special offers.


Advertising is a paid form of non-personal communication. This means it’s different from personal selling and public relations, which are forms of marketing that rely on relationships or reputation to create an impact.

Advertising can be used to inform, persuade and remind people about products or services. The goal is to build awareness for your brand so you can sell more things at a later date—or get new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations (which we’ll talk about later).

It may seem like advertising is just about having some type of message printed on paper or in digital media; however, there are many different types of ads that fall under this umbrella term:

Public relations and publicity

Public relations and publicity are the process of building, maintaining, and enhancing your brand image. It’s done through three main channels:

  • Building your public image through advertising
  • Helping others build their brands by sharing information about you with them.
  • Getting your message out through paid media like television ads, billboards, and magazine ads

Personal selling

Personal selling is the most effective way to reach your target audience. It’s also the best way to build a relationship with your customers and sell products or services. When you personalize your communication, it makes them feel like they’re being listened to and cared about by someone who cares about their business goals.

Personal selling can take many forms—it doesn’t always have to be in person! You can use personal selling over the phone, in person, or online (or even through social media). For example:

  • Phone calls allow you time for questions without having any pressure on yourself or others around you.
  • In-person meetings allow for more detailed conversations about each person’s needs/wants.
  • Online chats allow people from all over the world to interact face-to-face with potential customers via video chat software such as Skype.

Here are 4 types of marketing, which would you like to know more about?

  • Direct marketing is a way to get in touch with a specific group of people, usually by mail.
  • Sales promotion is a short-term incentive to buy.
  • Advertising is a way to get your message out there.


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