Local marketing may not be a priority for many business organizations while marketing locally can prove strong stand for many businesses. Why so? Because small business stores are ghastly dependent on foot traffic or being seen on pathways or thoroughfares.
In today’s market competition, merely being present on digital channels will not bring traffic to your stores rather have a fruitful marketing action, strategies should be formulated with a blend of offline and online marketing. It is at times addressed as neighborhood marketing or location-based marketing.

It’s a myth saying that if you are present digitally on local market channels, you have won half a battle. Well, this isn’t the case actually, why? Because it involves a marketing strategy that targets consumers residing within a certain geographical radius of a business,

matching the blend of online and offline marketing and inculcating the voice for business meanwhile challenging the existing local competitors. The catch in this process is all the steps are taken on digital spaces and platforms only.

Why your store is incomplete without Local SEO

So what you as an entrepreneur can do for fixing your roots in local space?

Here are some tips on how you can target your market along with the right set of audiences for improved conversion rates. Your store is incomplete without Local search marketing because Local SEO ensures that a business/ store gets found in the search results, location pages, and Google maps by local customers who are looking for the products/services the business works in. Strategies you should follow for marketing yourself on local grounds are –

Local Markets

Presence on Google My Business:

Nowadays, people are habituated to following Google maps while they explore the things around them or when they are looking for a target location to move to. Getting yourself to listen on Google my Business is the first best thing to get onto the digital local market space and raise against the competition. A free online listing lets you share key information about your business, product, service, physical existence, and much more. Since it’s free and lets businesses share their presence on google, do you really feel that things are easy as they look?
Indeed it’s not that easy to get visitors to your store by just being present on maps rather, constant Local SEO building, and optimization of the site helps the algorithms to push your website in the SERP when someone puts queries in the search.

Presence in Local Directories:

Increase your footfall to your website by being present on every local directory like Yellow papers, bing, justdial, and yelp to increase the traffic and searches for better ranking and push when local searches arise.  In a parallel world of traditional marketing, people visit only those stores that have a catchy display, a holistic voice for attracting, and who were present visually in whose stores were easily approachable. On a contrary, even in the digital market space, if you don’t have visibility, catchy and engaging website, social media, other digital presence, constant brand recalling, etc. you are already out of the market. And so local directories come into the picture by providing backend support to the store by giving extra inches on space on their stage which in turn maintains the credibility and starts getting more eyes.

How it is going to be beneficial for the local stores?

Around 97% of people learn more about a local company online than any other medium. Also, 88% of mobile online searches for local businesses result in either a call or business visit within one day.
Can you still afford to lose the traction to your website as well as the budding potential customers?

  • Your footfall to the physical store will increase.
  • No matter how old you are in the market, you are going to get in front of eyeballs.
  • The conversion rate will improve.
  • Credibility and Trust of the business build & improve.
  • Your website & store will experience higher and potential traffic towards y.

What are you waiting for? Drop a mail at info@mindhuntz.com  and we are here to take your business scale higher in the local market. MindHuntz builds a local marketing strategy only after analyzing the prevailing market conditions, market needs, and competitor analysis. Hence spend your marketing and advertising budget with us and we promise traffic from your target audience that might patronize your business digitally and your local store as well.  No matter what market niche you are in, no matter what domain your products are from. It doesn’t matter how old are you in the market. Once you are in the digital local space, every business falls under the same category. What makes a difference? Business creates differences on their own. They do so to make themselves stand out from the crowd such that a potential visitor should catch them and get converted into a customer. 


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