Taxi businesses are very lucrative and with the correct strategies one can increase their taxi network and ROI in a short span of time. These days most taxi service businesses face drive shortages every now and then. They fail to retain and attract more drivers, resulting in bad service. As a happy driver means a happy client.

The key to success in the taxi business is attracting and retaining professional drivers who can provide world class service to the passengers. 



In this article, I will share 6 incredible strategies to attract more drivers.


  1. Bonuses

Who wants to work without an incentive? Gone are the days when a handsome salary package was the true game changer. According to several human psychology studies, it shows that incentives keep employees highly motivated.

Inculcating surge bonuses and sign-up bonuses are a great and quick way to attract more experienced and professional drivers. Drivers who love to work hard in peak hours, rightly deserve a higher rate. 

Offering referral bonuses can help retain your existing drivers. This way your taxi drivers will stay motivated, earn extra money and remain loyal to you company. 


  1. Car Rental Programs

There are drivers who are unable to pursue this profession due to lack of vehicle. Your business can attract more drivers by offering them a car rental programme. 

This way you can keep the supply of your drivers flowing by allowing potential cab drivers to sign up. 


  1. Take advantage of gaps 

If you wish to grow your taxi business than you must be willing to compete with tech giants like uber and lyft. Learn their drawbacks and areas of improvement, basically strengths and weaknesses. 

Hire a team of business experts who can study those weaknesses for improvement. 


  1. Transparent Communication

Every successful taxi business has an established communication system so the drivers have faith and trust in the company. 

Always look out for your drivers as everyone enjoys and deserves job security. If there is an issue, communicate clearly before putting penalties. Recognising and meeting their demands will help your taxi company immensely.


  1. Points of Interests for the Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers in every city have some favourite hot spots and dedicated parking areas which they use to catch more passengers. 

You can facilitate your drivers by making these hot spots available for them. This way, your drivers will stay motivated and your driver network will surely grow.

How can you fill those locations? Well you can do so by enabling the registration for drivers or obtaining approval from the owners. 


  1. Goodbye Primitive Marketing

 Do not use primitive marketing strategies. Drivers all over the world have common traits which can be used to your company’s advantage. In 2022, boring social media policies like Facebook or Instagram ads will not surprise anyone.. 

Drivers usually don’t have the time to surf on the internet as they are on route. This is where creative thinking takes up a battle. 

The answer is radio marketing. Think about it for a moment, what device do taxi drivers use more often than a smartphone? The radio! 

Find out the most popular local radio stations and invest in running your ads there. Please be creative with your ads, don’t just sell your app or talk high of your taxi company. Maybe get the CEO to share his story or drivers can speak about the company. Get creative and your driver network will increase.

You can always invest in fleet branding and put up attractive driver jobs. This will attract many potential taxi drivers to your business.


7. Driver Friendly Mobile Apps

 Taxi apps are usually customer centric but for attracting and retaining younger drivers, it is essential for your taxi service to launch a driver app which can help your drivers out with fares, routes and lodging complaints. Your driver app should be making viewing online bookings easier by being super user friendly. 



Creative strategies to attract more drivers can take your taxi business to another level. Always remember that happy drivers are directly related to happy customers so make sure to hear them out and resolve their issues at the earliest. Implementing our time tested strategies  to attract professional drivers will give the results your business has been looking for. 


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