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Google AdSense, a platform born two decades ago, has been a financial lifeline for publishers seeking to monetize their websites through seamless advertiser connections, facilitating the creation of high-quality content. Annually, AdSense disburses billions of dollars to its publishing partners, enabling content creators to remain dedicated to their craft. Considering the shifts in the ads, publishers now employ a combination of technologies to optimize their ad space. In response, Google is introducing two pivotal changes to enhance transparency. These updates will come into effect early next year without requiring any action from publishers. Google’s commitment to AdSense demonstrates its unwavering support for the open web, content accessibility, and the quest for simplifying and rendering transparency in the advertising process. Let’s jump into understanding the changes.

How do we earn from Google AdSense.

Earning from Google AdSense can be achieved through various platforms like YouTube, mobile apps, and websites. Here’s a detailed explanation of how you can earn from Google AdSense on each platform.

  1. YouTube:

    Monetizing YouTube videos with AdSense.

  2. Mobile Apps:

    Monetizing Mobile Apps with Admob (Googles App monetization platform).

  3. Websites:

    Monetizing Website by ads placements with AdSense.

What are all monetization platforms effected:

New upcoming changes are for below 2 Platforms:

  1. Mobile Apps

  2. Websites

What are the new changes in Adsense

There are mainly 2 changes coming, change in earning and Payment but we have classified under 4 heads to make it easy to understand.

Change 1 – Earning share.

How much Google is paying till today?

Websites and Apps – Till Now (2023)
  1. Direct Ads – Publishers are receiving 68% of the ad revenue generated by the ads displayed on sites and Apps. Google, as the platform provider, retains the remaining 32% of the ad revenue.
  2. Third Party ads – The same Direct ads model applies to Third party ads also as it is not transparent yet.

How much will you earn after this update? From 2024 onwards

Now the Ads will be separated in above 2 segments and the payout will be different for both.

  1. Direct Ads – Now Publishers will receiving 68% of the ad revenue generated by the ads displayed on sites and Apps.
  2. Third Party ads – Now Publishers are receiving 80% of the ad revenue generated by the ads displayed on sites and Apps. Google, as the platform provider, retains the remaining 20% of the ad revenue.

Change 2 – Transparency

Till now there it is not transparent as which ads and earning part is from Google and which is from Third party (Associated with Google). But now the picture will be clearer for publishers as they will see this clearly in their AdSense account as how they are earning, and I think this is the best part for Publishers as it gives them more clarity. The interface will now include separate sections for Direct and 3rd party ads.

Change 3 – Earning method.

Till now for most of the publishers the clicks were like a diamond falling from sky and if there are impressions and no clicks it was a bad day.

Now Google understands this and it has given a good news to publishers who ware taking Tension for Clicks, now the they will earn per impression and not clicks, sounds Good?? Yeah! know this is a good new for most of the publishers. The rates for impressions are not disclosed yet but most probably it will vary based on country, ads category etc.

Change 4 – Payment

Till now publishers ware paid in a single transaction on 21st of every month for the earning of part month.

The new change will now show 2 payments from Direct ads and 3rd party ads. The dates are not disclosed, it might be the same day or might be 2 different days for each.


The official release of Google for the update can be found here – Updates to how publishers monetize with AdSense (blog.google)


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