Looking to Your site on Google in 2022?

Google is the most used search engine in the world. And it’s not just a search engine. It is also a ranking algorithm that has the power to make or break your website.

Google has been around for more than 20 years and through its history, it has undergone many changes. These changes have affected how you rank on Google and what you need to do to rank better on Google in 2022.

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of digital marketing. It is the process of making changes to your site to help search engines better understand what your website is about. Changes can include improving the relevancy, quality and structure of your content, adding more links to your website from other sites and making sure that all pages on your site are easily found by search engine crawlers. SEO is important for your website to reach its goals.

The 5-Step Checklist for write a ranking quality content.

Every entrepreneur/website owner needs to follow these important checklist :

Step 1: Create a list of target keywords and their long-tail variants

Target keywords are the words or phrases that you want to rank your website for in search engines. You can’t just pick any keyword and expect to bring in traffic, you have to pick one that is relevant and has a high enough search volume to bring in qualified leads.

Now the next question in your mind will be how to Find Your Target Keywords?

The easiest way to find your target keywords is by using Google’s Keyword Planner. It will help you identify the words and phrases people are searching for on Google, which are the most popular terms that can bring in leads. To follow best practices for Keyword Research is the more specific your keywords are, the easier it will be to rank on Google.

The most important point is choosing a word or phrase that is relevant to your niche, not just any old word or phrase. Your target keywords should have a high search volume. Make sure you’re using the Google’s Keyword Planner for your target keywords and to identify keywords with a high search volume and low competition. At this point think about the kind of website you want to build, including what topics you may need to focus on, and use those keywords as your target keyword list.

Once you have done keyword Planning, make an excel spreadsheet of selected keywords.

Now you need to implement a placement strategy of your researched keyword on your website. Place your chosen keywords in the proper place within the title tag of your website. Also make sure not to overuse keywords in your Heading tags. One thing you should always keep in mind is don’t just paste or replace words with your keywords, you must make sure you are giving your keyword a proper relevant place on your website.

Keyword research is the process of identifying search terms that people use to find and navigate websites, including determining knowable and measurable “keywords” and finding related synonyms and long-tail variants of those keywords.

Step 2: Create a list of RANKED content for each keyword, excluding any websites you own

So here you have list of long tail keywords, now what you need to do is find out which website is ranking and what content is there. For eg. if you are writing a content for top 5 mobiles, search for this and see what are all mobiles which other sites are showing and why. Once you have a list of those mobiles and what content is written by others, you can now make your own list including list from other sites and unique content from your side, which is ofcourse missing on other ranking sites.

This formulae works 100% all the time and Google just loves showing content which is unique and fresh. This way you took others ranking content+ your unique content. In this step you need to include below step as well.

Step 3: Link your ranked content to the keyword in question on the homepage using the anchor text

Step 4: Use your site’s internal search engine (powered by google) to find content ranking well on Google that contains the target keyword and use that as an anchor text for your link to that content Google “Chicago seo” Use the first result from Google as an anchor text for your link to the Chicago SEO article at Search Engine Land For example, you could use “Chicago seo” as the anchor text for your link to the Search Engine Land article.

Step 5: Submit your website’s information to Google Webmaster Central

Google Webmaster Central is a service that provides all the necessary tools to create and maintain a successful website. It helps to prevent spam and ensure that Google can crawl your website by providing webmaster guidelines, diagnostic tools, and helpful tips. https://search.google.com/

The 6 Rank Factors That Influence Your Site’s Google Rankings & How They Work

The 6 rank factors that influence your site’s Google rankings and how they work.

A lot of SEOs will tell you that there are over 200 on-page ranking factors that affect your site’s Google rankings. But, in reality, there are only six (6) rank factors that matter the most. These six (6) rank factors are:

1. Domain Authority : Domain Authority (DA) is not googles calculation but a calculation of MOZ. You might be wondering if not from Google why should I consider this? The answer is simple, MOZ is a platform which every marketer in this world uses to find what is their DA. DA is calculated by they considering many factors, some of the important factors are – Backlink quality, Internal linking, Domain age etc.

This helps you to find our low quality links and internal issues so you can fix them, this is not google but the result of improvement in backlinks quality 100% improves your rank in few days. So if this is the case this means you should focus on getting links from sites which has good Domain Authority.

2. Keyword Relevance : Keyword Relevance is most important for any site to rank. This is where 99% of online sites gets fail. You should only include those keywords in the content which is helpful for the reader to understand the content title topic. For example, if you are writing a content with the title – How to make cabinets? You should only include keywords which helps in understanding the topic and not just anything, here in this topic if you include a keyword – “toy factory”, this is totally out of topic, this keyword is not at going to rank. So please make sure the keyword you want to rank for must be the one related to the topic.

3. Page Load Time : Page Load time or “Pagespeed” is also one of the important criteris. Your page/blog must not be loaded by unnecessary java scripts, codes or images, you must organize them so they load fast, why pagespeed is important? Well the answer is simple, google maintains a quality standard and for them the user is the king, they just dont want anyone who they refer to your site wait for huge time to see answers for his questions, this will make him frustrated and if this happens with more sites on search, he might shift to some other engine to look for his answer.
This is a user experience which you should improve to be in good list of search engines. You can always check your PageSpeed and how to improve this here – PageSpeed Insights (web.dev)

pagespeed insight

4. Backlinks

Its been long said that backlinks are the one which is the actual ranking factor. It was true in 2012 and is true in 2022. But wait, there is catch. Before you rush into creating backlinks for your content/website you should know how people did before 2016 and how they do in 2022.

Before there were not huge competition so the results were limited for keywords, slowly the number of online sites and competition for same keywords increased drastically. It was hard for any search engine to decide which one to rank. Everyone was running backlinks software and busy in creating millions of links.  Here Google decided to improve their ranking factor filter and made a significant changes from 2014-2016. Now backlinks are important but not in numbers but rather in quality and authority. So for eg. if you have 1 million backlinks from small sites, and I have 20 links from everyones trusted sites like New York times, Wikipedia etc. I will rank not you.

This is my opinion is the best way and only want it should have taken care. Here some small companies faced issues like big companies started paying to trusted sites for links which small companies cant. But still I would say if you have quality content you don’t have to worry, trusted sites will pick your content for free and you will rank.

So yes backlinks are important but only quality not quantity.

5. Social Media Presence : Many companies don’t maintain their social presence, you need to understand Google is not the only source of Traffic for income generation, there are many other sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You should always keep your spare time booked for these platforms, try engaging users. Social media can give you huge huge traffic if you do this right. You must be surprised to know that there are many big companies working only on social media and earning huge income, they don’t even care for search engine, a good example is America’s Funniest Videos (AFV) or a YouTube channel like Roma and Diana. Their only source of income is Social media platforms.

Search Engines also consider sites which are socially active and have good social media traffic for ranking.

6. User Experience : One of the most important part is User Experience, this is equally important for ranking as well as repeat user, if the experience you are giving to your user is complicated or not well pipe lined he might never come again. Likewise search engines also don’t want to send their users to such platform which has low repat uers. This fair, you should start with a flow chart, how you want your user to simply go though your site. A good user experience will show up in ranking improvement, repeat sales and good reviews.

Google’s Latest Updates To Their Search Engine That Will Have A Huge Impact On SEO Strategies This Year

Google has made significant changes to their search engine this year. These changes are going to have a huge impact on SEO strategies this year.

Google is always trying to improve its search engine and keep up with the changing trends of the internet in order to provide better results for its users. This time, they have introduced three updates that will affect how people use Google as a research tool, how content creators optimize their content, and how businesses create and optimize web pages for search engines like Google. .The first update is the introduction of site search in Google. This will allow users to search for content across different websites and websites they do not even visit with the same results. The second update includes how people create content on sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Content creators will now be able to include rich linked-content that allows other viewers to see additional details.

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