How to do Digital Marketing through Instagram Reels?

Reels are short-form video content introduced actively in India in 2020. Reels receive 22% more engagement than regular Instagram video posts or IGTV. The foremost benefit a business will get while standing on Instagram’s explore page through reels is BRAND AWARENESS. As per reports, 50% of Instagram users find reels through explore page. They are an effective method to reach an outside audience too who doesn’t actually follow your account.

The algorithm of Reels revolves in such a manner that they decide which reels will be shown to which Instagram user.

The reel interaction not only checks how people are engaging with you but also takes into account how your business page is interacting and engaging with the people existing behind the digital cloud and accordingly pushes your video in their Explore and Discovery feed.

There are certain hacks on how to promote through Instagram reels. However, gone are the days when the advertisements were lined only on products, nowadays brands promote using a customer-centric approach over a product-based approach.

Here are some marketing techniques for Instagram Reels your business.

Keep it Short

It is mandatory to check that your Instagram reel content shouldn’t exceed the 30 sec rule. Else neither it will permit engagement, nor it will be able to reach maximum eyeballs.

Use Hash tags

Reels get boosted when pumped with the right amount and quality hash tags. If you want your reels to get more views, relevant hash tags help you to scale high in the Instagrammer’s feeds.

Join hands with Influencers

Influencers have a higher impact on their loyal users. For brands to promote themselves, tie-ups with influencers will always be beneficial as you have the opportunity of branding and promote yourself through reels without letting viewers feel it as an advertisement. Influencers scale from a Nano level to Mega hence with the size and nature of the business, reels promoted by influencers will improve your brand awareness and will build trust.

Know your audience before you Film

61% of Gen Zers spend time on Reels. On an average of 30min, an Instagram user spends time on the app. These metrics reveal that people do spend time on the platform and consume content. However, they don’t like promotional posts or an advertisement popping up in between. Henceforth, brands when choosing reels to promote their products should keep the choice, taste, preference, and pattern of consuming the content on paper and then frame the words and content accordingly.

Show what they want to watch

People on social media have a very short span of attention, hence catching the attention is an exercise. With the advent of modernization in marketing, it is advisable to show what pattern of content people prefer instead of showing what you want people should see. Also, as earlier mentioned, people tend to skip those posts which resemble more as an advertisement. Hence one should avoid spamming the feed.

Consistency is the Key

Catching them when they scroll at the right time to drive more engagement and views. Hence, through insights, you can analyze the amount of high traffic at what time. For a green dashboard, it is advisable to be consistent in posting and being active on the app. Also, particular focus should be paid to the timing for posting the content.

Content is the King and so having informative, yet appealing content is a must for a business to have a presence on the digital cloud as people will interact, judge, bounce back, or will stay loyal on the basis of tone flowed amongst digital platforms which we address as content. Hence special focus should be paid to managing the communicational words.

When the major crowd spends time on social media, how can you afford to skip the cream? Hey! Mind Huntz is back with plans to get you on board in the social media space. We promise to provide you with various plans for marketing through Instagram that will help to boost your fanbase and presence digitally.

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