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DEPAROARD (Departure-Arrival Board) is a simple platform board application.  It displays the train arrival and departure timings of the selected station. It covers nearly 29000+ stations in Europe. To use the app user needs to enter the station name on the left-hand side. A set of stations that matches the first three characters drops down and the user can select the required station. If sure about the station name user can enter an ‘-‘ and country for a faster search. There is an alarm function that plays music 3 minutes before the departure and arrival time of the selected train.

Some 250 major European stations are listed and can be selected directly. The application is still version 1.0 and there shall be several versions in the coming days. Suggestions and defects can be addressed directly to the admin(@)eurovoyages.net.

There are a number of other valuable pieces of information for a traveller on the same site.

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