Today, CD BioGlyco, a leading provider of glycobiology research and development services, announced the release of its new one-stop services for glycoprotein-based vaccine development, providing highly specialized platforms and various systematic and innovative solutions for the design, expression or synthesis of glycoprotein vaccine candidates.

Glycoprotein-based vaccines are a new generation of vaccines that are designed to mimic the natural structure of viral and bacterial pathogens. This can elicit a stronger and more specific immune response than traditional vaccines. Glycoprotein-based vaccines also have the potential to be more effective against a wider range of pathogens.

CD BioGlyco’s one-stop services for glycoprotein-based vaccine development are designed to help researchers and biotechnology companies accelerate the development and commercialization of their glycoprotein-based vaccines. The services include:

  • Establish glyco-engineered yeast systems, plant systems, insect cell systems, mammalian cell systems, and viral vector systems to express immunogenic glycoproteins.
  • Chemical and chemoenzymatic platforms to perform site-specific glycosylation, and to ensure that the highly purified homogeneous glycoprotein vaccine candidates obtained are efficiently and simply operated under mild conditions.
  • Customized glycoprotein remodeling services, which can use natural chemical linkage (NCL), expressed protein ligation (EPL), and chemoenzymatic methods to obtain glycoproteins of interest.

Service advantages

  • The product has strong immunogenicity and stable quality
  • Multiple stable expression systems
  • Fast speed, short experiment period
  • Comprehensive vaccine process quality assessment system
  • Customizable experimental programs based on different research needs
  • One-stop service covering design, production, and inspection

“We are excited to release our new one-stop services for glycoprotein-based vaccine development,” said Anna, one of the representative speakers from CD BioGlyco. “We are committed to helping our clients develop safe and effective glycoprotein-based vaccines that can protect people from a wide range of infectious diseases.”

Additionally, Glycopeptide-based Cancer Vaccine Development, Carbohydrate-based Vaccine Development, and Carbohydrate-based Vaccine Adjuvant Development are also available at CD BioGlyco.

To know more detailed information about the one-stop custom services for glycoprotein-based vaccine development released by CD BioGlyco, please visit

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