Isn’t salary the main reason young people choose a particular course for their higher education? This seems to be one big motivation for class X students: half of them opt for non-medical or engineering streams. Engineering is indeed a lucrative career option that ensures you a bright future. Among all the branches of engineering, in biotechnology is fast gaining importance and seems to be the first choice of numerous students. Let’s examine its scope and career growth opportunities in this article curated by a career and academic expert –  

Recently when the world was badly hit by COVID-19, the global population looked at biotechnologists to find the solution for finding a solution to the pandemic. In the modern world, biotechnology is one of the fastest-growing fields that produce professionals who can develop products or mechanisms based on our biological systems and microorganisms. A good thing about biotechnology is that it covers various aspects like genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. If you are also planning to do biotechnology and are wondering if this is a promising field, then we are going to discuss everything about the salary you can expect after completing BTech biotechnology, the scope of biotechnology, etc. 


What is the Scope of Biotechnology in India? 

As we already discussed, there is a huge demand for people who have completed their degree in b Tech biotechnology. There is a reason that many people are now exploring this as a career option – there has been immense growth in the field of science in terms of innovations and inventions. It has been noted that India is one of the top destinations for biotechnology in the world. India is noted as the world’s third-largest producer of Hepatitis B vaccines in the world. According to the statistics, India’s biotechnology industry has been valued at $63 billion. And the growth is likely to be immense with an expectation to reach $150 billion by 2025.  

The good news for the candidates planning to pursue biotechnology is that the Indian Government has allowed 100% FDI under the automatic route for the biotechnology sector.  


Top Biotechnology Jobs in India for Freshers 

Since there has been massive growth in the biotech industry in India, the number of jobs is also growing every year with more and more biotech organizations offering lucrative salaries to individuals with a BTech biotechnology degree. As per the figures, the average salary of a biotechnologist in India is around Rs 4.9 lakh per annum. But this is just the beginning level. One can expect to achieve massive growth, based on experience and location. For example, salaries in small cities are lower than the Tier 1 cities of India. So, let’s explore the job opportunities for Biotechnology freshers 

Private Jobs for Biotechnology Freshers 

Following are the best career options available for freshers in biotechnology are: 

Biochemist – The job role of a biochemist involves the study of biological processes and their chemical attributes. The individual as a biochemist can work in various work areas like pharmaceuticals, medical research, and food and packaging industries. 

Medical scientists – This is another job opportunity available for biochemists where they are responsible for designing and conducting studies to investigate methods for preventing and curing diseases. The job role also involves clinical trials and other forms of medical investigations. 

Microbiologist – The job of a microbiologist involves investigating the role played by microorganisms in combating diseases, in agriculture and other fields of research. 

Biopharma Sales Representative – Many Biopharma companies look for candidates who can represent their brands as sales representatives for educating distributors and doctors about innovations and upgrades in the field of medicine.  

Government Jobs for Biotechnology Freshers  

Apart from various private jobs for freshers in b tech biotechnology, there are also many jobs available in the Government sector. For example, The Bureau of Police Research and Development also requires the services of biotechnology candidates. 

The scope for biotechnology is massive in India and at the international level. You just need to find the best university and institution to pursue your b tech biotechnology degree course. And what better university to pursue your in Biotechnology than MM Engineering College under Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed-to-be) University in Mullana which is A++ graded university by NAAC and is featured as one of the top 100 private universities of India by NIRF? The university and MMEC are globally reckoned for their high campus placement figures. More than 90% of graduates in biotechnology from MMEC are already working in plum jobs.  





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