All the amazing discoveries, new and innovative products and advancements in the fields of food processing, garment industry, pharmaceuticals and medicines, agriculture that you keep seeing in the world… The credit for the same goes to biotechnology experts. Biotechnology is the sunrise sector that offers specializations and offers a student a chance to explore career options in different fields like agriculture, pharmaceutical, medicine, healthcare and you can even work in the cosmetic industry or work as a biomedical scientist. With such a bright scope and career prospects, more and more students are opting to do a B.Tech in biotechnology.

Biotechnology has a good steak in prominent industries that deals with living beings. It is a technology using biological systems to develop different products. Well, biotechnology is an interesting subject. And if you want to pursue studying it, BTech biotechnology is the course you can opt for.


What is B.Tech Biotechnology?

A 4-year undergraduate-level degree program includes Applied Biology and Chemical Engineering Principles and considers the use of living things in Technology, Medicine, Engineering, and other applications.


Can You Study B.Tech Biotechnology? 

BTech Biotechnology increases the subject knowledge and the fundamentals of its applications. It deals with concepts of chemicals and engineering and thorough biological studies.

If you want a career in Science and Technology, B.Tech Biotechnology is the right option.

B.Tech offers good salaries to people after specializations in different sectors.

Individuals with a niche in science and technology should go for a Bachelor of Technology course.


A Career in BTech Biotechnology

Undeniably, BTech Biotechnology is a promising and rewarding career option. The biotechnologist’s compensation for working in a public sector or research organization is set as per government standards.


Medical representatives, Microbiologists, Medical representatives, and more job roles are available for the designation of mainstream Biotechnologists. Nevertheless, the average salary provided to them may rely on different factors, such as specialization, job type, location, job position, and whether it is a private or government job.

A basic example is one can earn 15k-30k monthly as a CSIR employee or a government research employee.

Though those who don’t want to pursue jobs after B.Tech can continue their study while M. Tech or MBA are the best options.


Eligibility Criteria

The minimum B.Tech Biotechnology eligibility for admission is to score 55% marks in 12th standard with science subjects, including Chemistry, Maths, and Physics. Some of the entrance exams for this course are WBJEE, JEE Main, Advanced KCET, and more.


The admission to B.Tech Biotechnology is based on the scores attained in JEE Advance and JEE Mains. Further, most students in India pursue regular BTech Biotechnology and Part-time BTech Biotechnology. The course fee ranges from a minimum of 7 Lakh. Once pupils get jobs, they can earn a minimum salary of 5 lakh per annum. However, it can be 7 lakh also. Students aiming to study MBA courses after completing B.Tech can get managerial jobs at reputed firms.


What makes Btech Biotechnology a Good Choice?

Biology remains fascinating since schooling for many of you, especially when introduced to the life cycles of organisms. Many students find clones CC and dolly interesting and decide to pursue careers in Biotechnology from then. And that’s a good decision!

B.Sc. Biotechnology is an excellent option. Those hunting to understand the collaboration of technology and Biology can go with B.Tech in Biotechnology. Pupils love to study day and night to understand challenging concepts and applications. You can opt for it and pursue your career towards a brightening path. Top universities provide this course with additional benefits of practical classes.


Life as a B.Tech Biotechnology Student

Pursuing graduation from a reputed university, such as Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed-to-be University, Mullana, is a dream come true for many. Many students aim to get admission to the college of their dreams. Their first preference is to get admission to the college with the highest placement records.

Life as a B.Tech Biotechnology Student is great. The course consists of theoretical and practical knowledge. You can get a chance to exhibit your skills during the practical session, emphasizing how better you understand the subject. Studying this course at most colleges and universities is not only about completing assignments but maintaining an attendance of 75%. And everyone knows it!


Suggestions for School Students Looking to Study Biotechnology after Grade 12


If Biology gears up your interest to do something new, Biotechnology is the best field to plunge yourself into it. Some have a misconception that Biotechnology is only about Biology. Mathematics knowledge adds up to a significant criterion to make your career in this industry.

BTech is a must to achieve a better job and explore more career options in the Biotechnology field.

As Biotechnology is an emerging sector, it is beyond Biology and has a good scope in the field of Administration, R&D, and Quality Control.


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