We have found a Luxury resort in Kanha 

Any plan to come to Kanha for wildlife experience? Do not put something on ice as we have found a luxury resort in Kanha for all tourists. Basically, every tourist comes to see Kanha National Park. If you choose Vanya Resort (very near to the national park) then it would be a great decision. You don’t need to search for any hotel/resort. We have given you an affordable resort that does not charge high prices and guarantees to give magnificent facilities every day. 


All about Kanha National Park

Seen all the mountain and hill stations? It’s time to get an immaculate experience of wildlife. And we think you must come with your family to Kanha National Park. The place is popular for the highest density of tigers in all of India’s reserves. We have found many national parks have a restriction on children. But you are most welcome in Kanha national park with your kids. There is no restriction at all. 


If any of your family members love to take pictures of animals, then this place is awesome for him/her. It would be intriguing to see 300+ species of birds. We know you have never seen this before. 


Ultimately, there are two eye-catching rivers, and the names are: Halon and Banjar. Rivers in between this large national park are worth seeing. Have you packed your bags after knowing all these details? Not yet? Then do not miss the fun and thriller and come here soon. 


Vanya Resort near Kanha national park is an accurate choice

We have made a cakewalk process for you regarding the best resort search. Vanya Resort is great for your vacation and the best part is that Kanha national park is near to this villa. No long distance! The team of this resort knows exactly what a tourist wants from a luxury resort. From excellent rooms to good cuisine, this resort has everything you are looking for. 


Nevertheless, if you want every info then we are here to help you. First off, we are giving full freedom to guests to choose a deluxe room or superior cottage. But we want our guests to get into superior cottages to enjoy mind-blowing facilities. If you come here with 4-5 members, then choose this one. 


Let us unlock some great services or facilities while choosing superior cottages:

  • Double bed for your relaxation
  • Ultimate balcony view from this Villa
  • Television and dressing table
  • Wi-fi service (No amount to pay for it)
  • Hot/cold water service in the bathroom
  • Staff always stay available if you need something. 


We guess we have given you the name of a sublime resort near Kanha. Book your rooms as per your choice and the team is ready to welcome your family and promises to provide next-level hospitality. 

Must-eat Food in Vanya Resort

Those who stayed in our resort earlier were always praised for our great quality of food. If you come here, then you just have to order the dish you and your family would like to have for breakfast or dinner. The expert chefs here can prepare scrumptious food. No need to go outside to search for a restaurant to eat at. Our resort is notorious for food service and quality. Best of all, special cuisine for kids. 


Curious to know Nearby places? 

Beside this Kanha national park, there are many attractive places near this luxury resort. You can go there to have a great time too. 


  • Kanha Museum: Children will love to visit here to explore everything regarding reptiles, carnivores, herbivores, and much more. See deep details there about the food chain and inhabitants. Give 1-2 hours to this museum that is not too far from Vanya resort. 


  • Mandla: Eager to watch forts and templates now? Go to Mandala for this and you can watch a panoramic view of Sahastra Dhara falls and rapta ghat. Make a video of all the beautiful views there so that you can show it to your friends and insist them to come here for a vacation trip. 


Sum it up: Currently, the finest national park in India is “Kanha National Park”. Do not delay now to come and let’s explore everything in Kanha that is worth spending time on. Also, we have found a luxury resort in Kanha that is better for your stay. Now, who is stopping you from enjoying? If you are excited, then call us today to know more in-depth about attractive places near “Vanya resort”. 

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