Albania is widely regarded as a linguistically and culturally homogeneous nation, with most of the country’s population speaking the Albanian language. While the majority of the population speaks Albanian, minorities in the nation speak their own native tongues. Let’s find out more about them.

Top 5 Minority Languages Spoken in Albania

Greek is the most commonly spoken minority language in Albania. Both the local Greek population and Albanian immigrants from Greece over the years have spoken this language.

A small ethnic group speaks the Aromanian language in Albania. The law in Albania recognizes this population of 100,000 – 200,000 as a cultural minority.

While no institutional school system in Albania teaches the Romani language, the language has been preserved by the approximately ten thousand descendants of the Romani cultural community that reside there.

Albania is home to a sizeable Macedonian community, who speak their language there. Only about 5,000 people in the country can communicate in this language as of the last national census in 1989.

Northern Albanians, close to the countries of Serbia and Montenegro, speak Serbo-Croatian. Consider enrolling in Albanian language courses to learn more about the languages.

Top Two Most Popular Foreign Languages in Albania

Most Albanians who speak a foreign language do so because of their familiarity with Italian. When Italy took over the country as a dominion, it was during this time that Italian was recognized as a national language in Albania. The vast majority of Albanians who can speak Italian did so as a result of their substantial exposure to Italian television. The country’s nineteen thousand ethnic Italian individuals are fluent speakers of Italian. Check out the Albanian language course online to master the language from the fundamentals.

English is more extensively taught than Italian in Albanian institutions. Thus, among young Albanians, English is the most widely used foreign language. Sixty-five percent of the country’s children are fluent in the language.
A tiny percentage of the Albanian people can also communicate in Russian, French, and Chinese.

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