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Fika With The Stars

Sep 25, 2020

ANDOVER — Town Manager Andrew P. Flanagan reports that Andover officials are actively monitoring the issue causing discoloration in tap water, and stresses that there is no risk to public health. North Andover News. The Merrimack River also provides water to many communities in the greater Nashua, N.H. area, which are served by Pennichuck Water. This results in the discoloration residents are seeing in their taps. If your water continues to be discolored in the afternoon, please contact the Water Department in order to further diagnose the issue. Stevens Estate Report: A Vision for the Stevens Estate, Waivers From Local Regulations, Berry Street, Zoning Bylaw Table 1 – Summary of Use Regulations, Zoning Bylaw Table 2 – Summary of Dimensional Requirements, Friends of the North Andover Senior Center, Senior Center Class and Programs Descriptions, Massachusetts Veterans’ Laws and Benefits, Agent Orange/Gulf War/Camp Lejeune/Burn Pit, Outreach, Counseling, and Trauma Resources, Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services (mass.gov), North Andover Veterans Food Security Program, North Andover Veterans Services Brochure and Benefits Checklists, Beyond The Bin – Waste Collection Directory, Reporting Illegal Dumping or Suspicious Activity, Report Illegal Dumping or Suspicious Activities, Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Industrial Sites, Street Opening & Trench Excavation Permit, Trash & Recycle Schedule – Street by Street, Rea’s Pond Sewer Pump Station Improvements, MA Department of Environmental Protection. During peak demand times, typically mornings, significant amounts of water are being drawn from town tanks to residences and businesses. var glcp = ((‘https:’ == document.location.protocol) ? The girls also learned about water sampling equipment and our … var glcspt = document.createElement(‘script’); glcspt.type = ‘text/javascript’; When you need help, turn to the award-winning team at the John Guilfoil Public Relations Agency. ANDOVER — Town Manager Andrew P. Flanagan reports that Andover officials are actively monitoring the issue causing discoloration in tap water, and stresses that there is no risk to public health. Wonderful job, girls — we love learning about water! ‘https://’ : ‘http://’); ‘https://my.clickdesk.com/clickdesk-ui/browser/’ : glcspt.async = true; glcspt.src = glcpath + ‘livechat-new.js’; Over the past two weeks, the Town of Andover has received a number of calls from community members reporting discolored water. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Town of East Bridgewater, East Bridgewater Police and Fire Departments to Host Community Shredding and Prescription Drug Take-Back Event, Town of Braintree Announces Senior Health and Fitness Week, Outdoor Bingo for Seniors, Plymouth Fire Department Responds to Overturned Plane at Plymouth Municipal Airport, Cohasset Police, State Police Bomb Squad Respond to Jerusalem Road After Discovery of 150 Pounds of Live Ammunition, Newington Fire Department Announces Promotions, New Hires. This page was last modified on 4 September 2013, at 15:21. Or enter your email address here to subscribe for ALL updates from JGPR and our clients. Name Title ; Glen Alt: Superintendent : Tiffany Blake: Lab Director : Brent Salvatore … Town of North Andover. Contact: John Guilfoil Phone: 617-993-0003 Email: [email protected]. PR for Police, Fire, Schools and Municipal Government. The river provides drinking water for about 500,000 people in five Massachusetts communities; Lowell, Methuen, Andover, Tewksbury and Lawrence. ANDOVER — Town Manager Andrew P. Flanagan reports that Andover officials are actively monitoring the issue causing discoloration in tap water, and stresses that there is no risk to public health. The town deploys a comprehensive unidirectional flushing program for the purpose of mitigating discolored water. Cristiana Anjo photoCristiana Anjo of Andover posted this photo on Facebook last summer of brown water flowing out of her tap. Officials are seeing a trend of discolored water in the mornings, with clear tap water reported by the afternoon. Simultaneously, the Water Treatment Plant is pumping water in order to refill the tanks, meaning the distribution system is seeing a very large volume of water go through it at once. Main Office Northern New England 8 Prospect St. Georgetown, MA 01833 617-993-0003, Southern New England 409 Pond St. Unit 8 Braintree, MA 02184 781-428-3299. This Public Health Notice is for untreated lake water. If the water is discolored in the morning, run cold water to help flush out the system. Community members who experience discolored water should: City/Town News,  Client News Andover,  discoloration,  drinking water,  tap water,  water,  water department. Officials have noted a 20 percent increase in pumping from the Water Treatment Plant for July 2018 compared to July 2017. The Andover Water Department annually releases a report indicating levels of additives, and mostly, to an educated public, there is no controversy. 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