Google to Boost New Stories in Search Results for Paying Subscribers

Google will soon boost news articles in search results for individuals who are paying subscribers of those publications.

Bloomberg reports that Google is making this change in an effort to assist publications with finding and retaining paying subscribers. In addition, Google will reportedly share search data which shows who is most likely to pay for content.

Those who are familiar with this matter are not yet authorized to speak publicly, though Google is planning to reveal further details at an event on March 20.

With access to Google search data about individuals who pay for news subscriptions, publishers can better target new target new subscribers.

Moreover, this change will help keep publications top of mind (and top of SERPs) for current subscribers. That means publications may be able to retain more customers who are already paying for content.

Publishers have been pushing for Google to introduce new methods for driving subscriptions. It sounds like this is Google responding to publishers’ demands— we’ll know more when details are officially revealed on March 20.

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