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Upgraded Account
(Includes All Features)

Our low cost monthly membership removes all limitations and opens up a host of new, useful features that will allow you to work on multiple writing projects for both yourself and clients, and improve your writing capabilities.

This upgrade also gives you access to our built-in automated rewriting platform meaning you don’t even have to type a word if you don’t want to. Simply let our software rewrite and paraphrase your content for you, with the click of a button.

With our low-cost membership you’ll also get UNLIMITED ACCESS to our brand-new, innovative “SEO” technology – Allowing you to optimize your articles and blog posts so that they rank higher in Google.

Additionally, you will also gain instant access to our latest feature which is a comprehensive ‘topic research’ module. This feature allows you to quickly gather and collate thousands of artices from the web, for ANY specific topic or subject – and then filter it down to find the exact facts and information you’re looking for. Perfect if you’re entering a new niche, or requiring research for your studies.


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