Doing business in modern times is made ultra-convenient and easy for everyone with technological advancements. Everybody has access to the internet at all times on their smartphones, and E-commerce has become how the modern shopper primarily interacts with merchants across the globe.

If you are in the business of selling any goods, you must have given website development some thought. But do you know that Shopify is a platform that offers web design specialities for E-commerce?

A Shopify store is a great way to be an online business. You can market to more people and gather more customers across geographies when your business is online. Shopify is famous amongst people who are just starting to venture into the online marketplace, and the edge it has above its competitors is convenience.

Designing a Shopify store can be very easy for somebody with little to no website development experience. Shopify is a great platform for designing quick and easy sites. That’s not to say that these sites can’t be robust, but the designing process is very easy.

  1. Choose the Most Appropriate Theme- The high level of convenience provided by Shopify starts at the very first level. You can pick and choose from dozens of themes with multiple variations and layouts. Pick the best one for your specific needs, niche, and style. There are a lot of themes that are free to use, and a lot many premium themes which cost anywhere between $140 and $180.

    This first step itself can be very overwhelming, especially if it is your first time creating a website, and that too for yourself. Questions like, “what kind of experience and feel do I want to provide for my customers?” can make you take a lot of time on this initial level, and its for the best since it determines the core structure of your website. Of course, there are plenty of customizations available to apply later on, but choosing the right theme is a good place to start.

    1. Avoid Overloading Information

    It is very common to want to show off all the information you have on the very first page a visitor would go to. But think about this from a customer’s perspective. Would you be able to absorb so much information in one page? Most importantly, would you want to? This phenomenon is called cognitive overload, where there can be too much information for even the most important bits to get through to your potential customer.

    Instead of trying to sell the customer on the very first page out of the fear of them bouncing off, try making an interesting enough first page that is structured properly, with nice information architecture, and plenty of links and opportunities to go to other similarly-formatted information pages. This especially includes product pages and categories.

    3.Work with the Right Designer Service

    Regardless of all this ease of designing the store, you still have a lot of competition. To make the best of these facilities made available by Shopify, you can always rely on a professional service such as BM Consulting, which has a team of industry experts to help you with services for the designing and beyond just that.

    It is okay to feel jittery about trying to design your own website, which is why there are plenty of professional services out there. These services include store redesign, store optimization, store maintenance, and much more! However, making an initial design by yourself is as good as it gets since you get to have hands-on control over every aspect.

    1. Find Ways to Reflect Individuality

    The reason that your website will eventually do well is because of aspects like customer experience, brand recall, and overall quality of your website. These things all come under the design process. One way to ensure that your brand is attached to your customer’s mind every time they think of products in your niche, is to carve a unique image for yourself. Customizing your website for some individual aesthetics and style is one way of doing so. Some basic aspects of this factor are colour schemes, logo design, fonts etc.

    1. Make the Best of Integrations

    Shopify offers a complete solution for businesses that are looking to switch to online markets. For this, you also need things like payment and shipping options for the customers. Fortunately, it is very easy to set up your own payment options and shipping integration offered by Shopify! It can be done by anybody and is not as complicated as it might seem.

    To make the best of all the facilities of the modern generation, Shopify is an excellent option for retailers, start-ups, and merchants with pre-existing physical stores. Hopefully, this article has been of some help to get started on your E-commerce journey!

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