Best Website Builders, Compare Website Builders

Website builders offer the ideal platform to build a brochure-style, informational website. Such a website usually contains a homepage, additional pages with textual and visual content about your business, products or services and a contact page. Additional elements that you may wish to include on such a website include a blog, lead/contact form, map, social media links and more.

Today, top website builders such as Wix and Squarespace, also enable you to add online store functionality to your website, or to build a purely transactional website from scratch. Such website builders offer additional templates and plans for web stores that include product and checkout pages, invoicing capabilities and basic payment gateway integrations such as PayPal along with their standard features.

eCommerce platforms on the other hand, are designed more for store owners with a large inventory who want to shift from a purely brick and mortar business, to an online one. Here, the products are the focus, and the platform offers advanced automation and integrations specifically for inventory, order, shipping and marketing management.

If you plan to sell a manageable number of products online and still want to focus on the content of your website, a website builder is the perfect solution. If you plan to sell a relatively large number of products and want to focus purely on expanding your online store, you may wish to compare the best eCommerce platforms to find the right platform for your store.


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