We are the Manufacturer of Ceramic Injection Machine for the manufacture of Ceramic cores for the Investment casting machines, Ceramic Injection machines, wax injector Equipment, abrasive cutoff machines, Lost Wax Foundry Industry in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.


This is the most important first step in the entire investment casting process. Any error in the die is reproduced in the finished casting. Extreme care is necessary when making a die. The die should be simple in its construction. This will make it easy to use and enhance its production rates.


This is done using the Hydraulic Wax Injection Machines.

a) Wax is melted and brought to the required temperature in wax melters.
b) The molten wax is then transferred to the wax injection machines. c) Wax is injected under pressure into the die at appropriate temperatures. In case the component is large, the dies are cooled using water jackets.
d) The wax patterns are extracted from the dies and stored in a cool place.

e) These patterns are then taken for assembly. Pattern Assembly This is the next important step. Correct design of ingates and cluster design play a major role in the outcome of the castings. The patterns are assembled into a running and feeding system by welding with a wax-welding gun and with wax glue (stick wax).

The patterns are usually assembled in the form of a fir tree, i.e. the ingate of each pattern is fixed to the central down sprue. Assembly Procedure The assembly procedure is as follows;

1. The patterns are visually inspected before assembly any repairable damages or blemishes are patched using the ‘patch wax’.
2. Any flashes along the die parting line are carefully removed.
3. The ends of the ingates are shaped to match the shape of the sprue and welded to it.

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