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Free SEO Site Audit Tools



Free SEO Site Audit Tools

There are many free tools available for site auditing tests. These free SEO Site Auditing tools provide data that is complementary to paid site auditing tools. These SEO tools are well worth bookmarking regardless of whether you pay for a site auditing tools or not.
Download here: Xenu Link Sleuth

Free SEO Website Crawler

Xenu Link Sleuth is the top choice for a free site crawler.  It’s billed as a broken link checker.  However Xenu can also output a report that gives you an overview of page titles, orphaned pages, redirects and pages that are not found. Xenu also does what it’s supposed to do, which is to check for both internal and external broken links.

screenshot of Xenu link sleuth control panelXenu Link Sleuth free website crawler and broken link checker

Free Mobile SEO Tools

Mobile SEO is incredibly important.  That’s why it’s important to be able to test what a search engine results page (SERPs) looks like in virtually any city in the world.

It’s also useful to be able to check what your web page looks like in the most popular mobile phones. Pages that look great tend to convert better.

Mobile Moxie provides a fully functional Mobile SEO Tools.

The Mobile Moxie SERPs checker shows you what the rankings looks like in a huge selection of mobile phone screens.

What makes this tool especially helpful is that it can localize to any city in the world. Thus, you can test what the mobile rankings are for someone located in any city in the world. This is great for local SEO or for client work where you’re not located in the client’s area.

There is also a Mobile Web Page Checker that can show you what your web page looks like in virtually any mobile phone. This will help you optimize your web page so that it converts the best across a wide range of mobile phones.

The tool is fully functional and can be used for free three times.
Free tools here: Mobile Moxie Mobile SERPs Tool  and Mobile Web Page Test

Screenshot of mobile moxie SERPs testing toolThe Mobile SERPs Tester shows side by side comparison of what your SERPs looks like in virtually any mobile phone. You can also scroll through the local SERPs for any city in the world in virtually any language of your choosing.

Free Website Security Audit Tools

Many SEOs don’t consider security as part of an SEO audit. Security only becomes an issue after a site’s been hacked and the rankings dropped.

In my opinion, website security should be a component of an SEO audit. A secure website is a major part of how well it ranks and encourages sales. That’s why I include a thorough security audit with every site audit I perform.

Free Blacklist Checker

Ultra Tools Blacklist Checker
This tool checks if your website is listed on any blacklists. Being blacklisted can be an indication that your website is or was compromised. Being blacklisted can have a negative impact on the deliverability of your emails. That in turn impacts your email marketing and link building outreach.

If your site is no longer compromised, knowing that the site is blacklisted will help you contact the blacklist to have your site removed.

Free WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

WPScans WordPress Vulnerability Scanner
This free vulnerability scanner offers a quick but comprehensive scan of potential issues. Create the report then research whether or not your site has issues that need fixing. is a useful tool for beginning a security audit.

Free HTTPS Validator Tool

SSL Labs Security Checker
The SSL Labs Security tool will spot misconfigurations and security holes in your HTTPS certificate implementation. Adding a server security certificate is touted as being easy. But that’s not always the case. This useful tool will help you diagnose hidden issues.

Free Drupal Security Scanner

Hacker Target Drupal Security Scanner
This comprehensive security scanner will highlight common issues with a Drupal based website.

Free Website Performance Tools

Gzip Compression Checker

Check GZip Compression Tool
The GZip Compression tool checks if your site is using GZip compression. Using compression allows your server to download your web pages quick.

YSlow Performance Audit
The free YSlow Performance Audit tool is a comprehensive performance audit scanner. It creates a report of 23 performance rules.

Free Duplicate Content Checker

Siteliner Duplicate Content Checker
The free Siteliner duplicate content tool is a scanner provided by CopyScape (an anti-plagiarism service).

Siteliner is a good tool that can catch thin pages. Because the scanner counts navigation and footer content, a thin page will be highlighted by the tool. If a thin page exists, Siteliner will find it for you.

The scanner is limited to 250 pages. Nevertheless, it is useful to alert you to a possible problem with thin pages.

Free Web Page Checker

W3C Validator

The Worldwide Web Consortium is the organization concerned with creating HTML standards. The W3C Validator is a tool that checks whether the HTML is valid but it does so much more!

Tick the “Show Outline” option in order to see how your heading elements look to a search engine. The results can be eye opening and reveal issues with your website template.

The validator isn’t 100% reliable. It occasionally returns incomplete reports due to do perceived coding errors on the sites it is evaluating.

Screenshot of the W3C HTML Validator showing various optionsTick the box to show outline and the free HTML validator will show you what your heading tags look like to Google.

Free Web Page Speed Performance Tool

GTmetrix Speed and Performance Audit is another tool that will generate various benchmark scores.  Use these scores to understand where your site can be improved.

Free Google Site Audit Tools

Google offers many SEO related tools. I wrote an article about the top Google SEO Tools. Here is a brief listing. The Google Search Console is very important and is worth mentioning. Here is a partial list of other useful tools provided by Google for auditing and inspecting web pages and websites.

Page Speed Insights
Offers web page speed feedback.

Structured Data Testing Tool
This tool helps diagnose issues with your structured data. However, just because the structured data validates does not mean it is absolutely correct. Make sure you are following Google’s Structured Data Guidelines.

The structured data validator does not verify if your structured data conforms with Google’s guidelines. Making a mistake with structured data could result in a manual penalty.

This is the online version of Chrome Lighthouse. Lighthouse is Google’s Chrome Extension. The extension allows you to take advantage of Google’s site auditing tool. allows you to do most of the same from a web browser. checks performance, accessibility, best practices and indexing issues (labeled as SEO).

Performance relates to speed. Best practices relates to factors such as whether the site is using HTTPS, security issues with JavaScript, HTML Document Type. The SEO report is not really about SEO but more about how well the site can be indexed. Accessibility is self-explanatory.

Free SEO Tools Are Useful

There are many paid SEO tools that are useful. None of these tools are comparable to paid services and software. However, these free SEO Audit tools complement the paid options nicely and are every bit as  useful. Complete your journey toward becoming an SEO rockstar with these free SEO tools.

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Price extensions now supported in Microsoft Advertising Editor



Price extensions in Microsoft Advertising Editor.

Price extensions launched in Microosoft Advertising a little over a year ago, allowing advertisers to show products and pricing in text ads in mobile and desktop search results.

Why we should care

Now you can manage those extensions in Microsoft Advertising Editor. That means you can manage them in bulk and much more quickly.

From the Shared LIbrary in Editor, you will be able to add headers, descriptions and prices, including currency.

To associate price extensions with ad groups in your campaigns in Editor, select an ad group and use the “Choose price extension” dialogue box.

More on the news

Some helpful reminders for price extensions:

  • The prices must be included on the landing page.
  • They are charged the same CPC as a click on an ad headline.
  • They can link to third-party retailers.
  • Do not duplicate the same copy in the header and description of a price extension.

About The Author

Ginny Marvin is Third Door Media’s Editor-in-Chief, managing day-to-day editorial operations across all of our publications. Ginny writes about paid online marketing topics including paid search, paid social, display and retargeting for Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and MarTech Today. With more than 15 years of marketing experience, she has held both in-house and agency management positions. She can be found on Twitter as @ginnymarvin.

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Google Lets Advertisers Promote YouTube Live Streams as Display Ads



Google is introducing a new ad format that lets marketers run YouTube live streams in display ads.

Live stream ads can appear anywhere Google’s display ads are shown. So a person could be scrolling through a website, such as this one, and see a live stream playing right where an ad would be.

People can expand the video to full screen and interact with the live stream just as they could on YouTube.

Here’s an example of what a live stream ad looks like:

Google Lets Advertisers Promote YouTube Live Streams as Display Ads

Live streaming on YouTube is free, so advertisers will only have to pay for the ad unit itself.

The new live stream ad format is currently in a limited beta. There’s no further information available about how Google plans to charge advertisers for these ads.

One of my initial thoughts was whether viewing time would be a factor in the cost.

For example – would an advertiser be charged the same if a person only watched a few minutes of a live stream as opposed to watching the whole thing?

I presume we’ll learn more when the ad format rolls out more widely.

Other Google Advertising News

In related news, Google introduced another display ad format today that allows users to interact with 3D objects.

The new ad format, called Swirl, lets advertisers showcase products from all angles.

A car manufacturer could take an existing 3D model of a car and use it in a Google display ad. Then, those who view the ad could rotate the car as well as zoom in and out of it.

For more information about the Swirl ad format see our coverage here.

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Google Search Console image search reporting bug June 5-7



Google posted a notice that between the dates of June 5 through June 7, it was unable to capture data around image search traffic. This is just a reporting bug and did not impact actual search traffic, but the Search Console performance report may show drops in image search traffic in that date range.

The notice. The notice read, “June 5-7: Some image search statistics were not captured during this period due to an internal issue. Because of this, you may see a drop in your image search statistics during this period. The change did not affect user Search results, only the data reporting.”

How do I see this? If you login to Google Search Console, click into your performance report and then filter by clicking on the “search type” filter. You can then select image from the filters.

Here is a screen shot of this filter:

How To Filter By Image Traffic in Google Search Console

Why we should care. If your site gets a lot of Google Image search traffic, you may notice a dip in your traffic reporting within Google Search Console. You may have not noticed a similar dip in your other analytics tools. That being said, Google said this is only a reporting glitch within Google Search Console and did not impact your actual traffic to your web site.

About The Author

Barry Schwartz is Search Engine Land’s News Editor and owns RustyBrick, a NY based web consulting firm. He also runs Search Engine Roundtable, a popular search blog on SEM topics.

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