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Why We Started Tracking (And Optimizing For) Total Time Watched


Here at Wistia, we recently began tracking and optimizing for brand interactions — and it’s changed the way we think about our entire marketing and promotional strategy. The concept is simple — the more someone interacts with the Wistia brand, the more likely they’ll be interested in trying our software or becoming a brand advocate. And because we use a ton of video in our marketing efforts, over...

4 Companies Producing Episodic Video Content, Big and Small


While plenty of businesses are still discovering the power of video marketing for engaging and building audiences, we’ve seen early evidence that creating episodic video content can help businsesses deliver value consistently. The web is a noisy place, with e-books and blog posts galore, and as marketers, it can be difficult to keep people coming back for more. But with episodic video, brands can...

What Changes to YouTube Video Embeds Means for Your Business


Last September, YouTube made some changes to the way embedded YouTube players behave. Now, related videos will always show at the end of any embedded video, offering users a grid of suggested options for what to see next, based primarily on the user’s own YouTube viewing history. You can read the full release notes for more details, but in the meantime, we’re happy to answer some of the questions...

3 Ways to Grow Your Small Business with Video in 2019


Well folks, we’ve closed the chapter on 2018. And you know what that means … another year in the books for your small business. While you were out chasing your company’s quarterly goals, you may have noticed more and more businesses started making and sharing videos online. According to digital marketing agency, Blue Corona, “In the past 30 days, more online video content has been uploaded to the...

5 Video Advertising Tips We Learned from $111K Worth of Soapbox Ads


’Tis the season for reflection, and here at Wistia, we’re all about reflecting on past marketing campaigns (and sharing good tidings). In fact, we shared marketing lessons all throughout 2018, like how to solve common marketing challenges with video and our comprehensive guide to video marketing. So, when it came time to reflect on our biggest ad campaign to date, there was no shortage of lessons...

Tips for Engaging Your Audience with Live Video


When done well, livestreams have the ability to break down communication barriers between viewers and your brand. People livestream all sorts of things, whether they’re sharing groundbreaking news or even something simply silly. Remember when Red Bull livestreamed their skydiving attempt from the edge of space? Perhaps one of your friends recently started a livestream to document their first time...

12 Ways to Promote Your Videos on a Budget


Have you ever cleaned the house, made a home-cooked meal, dressed up, set the table, and forgotten to invite guests? Probably not. So why does a similar scenario happen more often than not when it comes to video promotion? You’ve spent weeks planning, filming, and editing a pretty fantastic video, but no one seems to be watching. Don’t get down on your production skills — it’s much more likely...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Homepage Videos


Your homepage video is the first experience new potential customers have with your business and your brand. That’s why it’s so important to make a memorable first impression before your visitors click away to check their email, go back to online shopping, or visit your main competitors’ sites. These days, there are tons of ways you can easily craft a more delightful, positive experience for...

Now on Amazon Prime: “One, Ten, One Hundred”


If you’ve been hanging around the Wistia block, then you know we recently released our first video docuseries, One, Ten, One Hundred — an exploration of the complicated relationship between money and creativity. Beyond its initial launch, there’s a not-so-little announcement we’ve been dying to make about the series. We’re super excited to let the world know that One, Ten, One Hundred is now...

Beyond Product Demos: Using Video to Build Trust and Authority with Audiences – CouchCon 2018


Video is great for platform demos and tech overviews, but it can also be a powerful channel to build relationships and trust with your audience through thought leadership. In this CouchCon webinar, Nick runs through how a lean marketing team launched their own successful video series while staying agile, inspired, and under-budget.

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