7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Become an Entrepreneur


Are you a $100K+ executive who is thinking about leaving Corporate America and starting your own coaching or service business? Making the decision to venture out, take the risk and become an entrepreneur is hard, whether it’s because you can’t find a job in this tough economy or you’re simply tired of working for someone else. And, believe me I know. In 1992, I decided to start...

History of the Bread Maker


The history of bread making goes back as far as 30,000 years ago. But it was not until 20,000 years thereafter that it became a staple food. It won’t be a surprise that the history of the modern automatic bread machines does not go as far. In the ancient days, kneading of the dough was obviously done by hand and for backing charcoal or wood heated ovens were used. This continued for...

3 Side Jobs You Can Start Today: Putting Extra Money In Your Wallet Starting Today


People need money! During downfalls of the economy, people get nervous and need money more than ever. To put it simply, a day job isn’t enough anymore. Thousands of people each day are looking for part-time jobs, side jobs, or even at home jobs to help cover the expenses of everyday life! Although it’s absolutely absurd to have to work sun up sun down just to pay the bills, however...

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