A Simple Tool to Explore the Internet’s Best Headlines

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Smash the refresh button and explore inspiring headlines from around the web. Then hit Ctrl-Shift-D to bookmark for later.

A simple headline explorer

This is a simple explorer that contains an absolute boat-load of headlines that I found inspiring, effective or successful. The goal is to give you ideas when you’re writing your own titles for your blog.

Press your browser’s refresh button and you’ll get shown the headline and the website or blog where I found it so you can explore the article and their other stuff. I really like simple things and wanted to keep it low-key!

This is not intended to be the most comprehensive headline tool in the world, but rather a simple explorer that you can use when you’re bored or need a bit of inspiration to do more writing.

Do you have any favorite headlines?

I’ve tried to add as many successful and interesting headlines as possible, but I’d always love to know more. Feel free to drop me a comment with any good ones, or any other suggestions you might have for the this simple free tool.

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